Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you look toward the west in the night sky you will see a bright star. Really, it isn't a star at all, it is a planet, the ringed planet, Saturn. Astronomers say it is closer to the earth than it has been in the last 3000 years. It seems to have come at a time when its influence is heightened to assist humanity in clearing long held patterns that no longer serve.

In ancient Greek mythology, Saturn, was known as Cronus from the Greek 'Chronos' meaning Time, child of Ouranos (Father Sky), a tyrannical and despotic ruler. His mother was Gaia (Mother Earth), who persuaded Cronus to overthrow his father. Which he did. And the story continues violently and ends with Zeus, who saved the day, so to speak.

At any rate, Saturn symbolizes the overthrow of tyranny and despotism. The influence of Saturn may serve to place us in our own prison, just as Cronus ended his career as a prisoner in Tartarus, according to Greek mythology. So, Saturn represents our limitations, as well as our ability to or inability to set appropriate boundaries. It seems, as one observes the goings on in the world, that we are in the process of breaking the boundaries set out long ago by the law makers of 5000 years ago. These laws of old have served to repress our instincts, our intuition, our creativity, our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical freedoms. These limitations have shown up in apathy, melancholy, depression, lack, fear, self-doubt, etc.

But, even though, the energetic influence of Saturn on humanity, presents us with restrictions and limitations, it also guides us to maturity by forcing us to work within its framework. It holds over us the tyrannical parental shadow from which we must emerge. And according to the prophetic calendar of the classical Maya, the time has come when we (humanity) have the opportunity to emerge from the shadow of tyranny into the "Golden Age" of Enlightenment.

This process may be experienced as the most difficult of times, especially if you are not inspired by the vocation you have chosen. Saturn may be signaling to you to find your inspiration and follow your dream by breaking out of the chains of the tyrannical "father" within who holds you to the letter of the law of its beliefs.

It is also interesting that the current Pope, the symbolic "Father" of the Catholic Church is being named and may be called as a witness in a law suit filed by a man who was sexually molested in a Catholic School for the deaf. As a Cardinal, the Pope, was in the position to investigate child abuse in Catholic schools, including the one in which the man reports to have been sexually molested.

The tyrannical, despotic father being called to account? Will he be last Pope? Only time will tell. Pardon the pun!

Living In Choice takes work and that work is to know the self!!!!

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