Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mechanical Self

The Mechanical Man or conditioned self reacts to effects. Example: Someone cuts in front of you in line or cuts you off on the highway. The mechanical self reacts by making some obscene gesture, angrily looks at the offender, gets red in the face, chest feels tight, etc.

That is the mechanical man reacting to an effect.

How many of you "live" life that way?

The conditioned mind - the complainer, the blamer, the stander up for rights, the obeyer/believer, the self-improver and the pleaser decide the "life" you are living.

This mind does not think - it reacts - and it reacts the same way every time. That is the reason you get the life you have. If this is all you know - then you cannot think beyond that - infact that is not thinking at all - it is just ruminating the same information again. Day after day - it is the same - because you cannot live beyond what you know, either.

The famous phrase "Know thyself" is an important observation. Because if "I" is asleep and cannot observe "what is going on" then what is going on keeps on going.

"The Work" of life is to wake up and observe "self" to come to know self which allows you to choose a conscious purpose for living each moment. Purpose is not static! It changes with each new moment. Without an awareness of your "state of being" in any given moment there can be no self knowledge.

We, as a species, only have dominion over what we know, or knowledge, and our level of being. Our place in the universe affords us the gift of making a request (a prayer) and the totality of the universe moves to respond to that request.

What you may not know is that the request is governed by level of knowledge and is delivered by level of being. If level of being enters the request from mechanical man/conditioned self who is in love with being a victim or living in lack and who is invested in blaming the "other" because they have it better than they, or holding a secret jealousy, or being lazy - I don't want to do it - I want you to do it for me, etc. then the request is answered from that level of being.

So, every prayer we send out is answered according to the level of knowledge and level of being from which it is sent.

Waking up the Observer so that self can be seen is the work we must all do now in every moment.

What prayer are you sending out?

Living in Choice comes from waking up the observer. The job of the observer is to watch, investigate (shine the light within), question and report the facts to the universe. This is "conscious purpose for living."

Notice what happens

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