Thursday, September 9, 2010

IChing 58/4

I read the IChing every day for spiritual inspiration and clarity. This one came up yesterday and is reflective of my previous post.

Judgment - Even the thought of bias must be overcome if enlightened decisions are to be made.

Innocence - Even the thought of independent action must be rejected if true security is to be found.

Awareness - Even the thought of ego-led behavior must be overcome before joy can be derived from a growth in awareness.

Emotion - Even the thought of acting in a selfish way mst be overcome before happiness can be found.

Creativity - Even the thought of being pretentious must be overcome before true creativity can be found.

Communication - Even the idea of forcing an opinion must be overcome if there is to be genuine open dialogue.

Ambition - Even the thought of selfish ambition must be overcome before worth-while goals can be achieved.

Service - Even the thought of self-importance must be overcome if a task is to be completed properly.

Nurture - Even the thought of over-protectiveness must be overcome if care is to be of value.

Economy - Even the thought of recklessness must be overcome if real economic growth is to be achieved.
Neutrality - The smallest doubt being able to undermine sincerity.
Reason - It is necessary to overcome even the thought of being clever if real understanding is the goal.

This is from the book I Ching for Everyone by Myles Seabrook

I find the I Ching a great tool for daily use.

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