Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What am I? Who am I?

It seems, that before we can ever know ourselves, we must answer these two questions.

In fact, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, (The University of Science and Philosophy) says that, "These are the fundamental questions of life which all conscious, intelligent beings must answer in order to live a life that is worthy of a conscious being." But he also says that it is not possible to find the answer to these question from any traditional "....rational, reductionistic, analytical manner, but only in a holistic, universal, kosmic manner through a deeply-felt experiential knowing or "innerstanding" of who you are."

In order to live in choice these answers must be found, otherwise, one is living out of conditioning and survival. Creativity and authenticity go hand in hand. Kimura says the "...,key to creativity or geniushood is to know who and what you are in the language of light through an authentic deeply-felt experiential knowing or innerstanding."

Paradoxically, we must first recognize that we ARE the expression of the purpose of the universe. That we are as Kimura says, "...a singular kosmic destiny" In other words, it is in knowing ourselves in this way that we will also know the "anthropocosmic wholeness which is the universe" according to Kimura.

Until we come to this innerstanding we are simply "imitation human beings".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sixteenfold Compassion of Buddha cont.

Because he saw them afraid of birth, old age and death, yet still pursuing the works that lead to birth, old age and death,
for this reason he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw them consumed by the fires of pain and sorrow, yet knowing not where to seek the still waters of Samadhi,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw them living in an evil time, subjected to tyrannous kings and sufering many ills, yet heedlessly following after pleasure,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw them living in a time of wars, wounding and killing one another; and knew that for the riotous hatred that had flourished in their hearts they were doomed to pay an endless retribution,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because many born at the time of his incarnation had heard him preach the Holy Law, yet could not received it,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because some had great riches which they could not bear to give away,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw the men of the world plowing their fields, sowing the seed, trafficking, huckstering, buying and selling: and at the end winning nothing but bitterness,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw men cease to do good,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw men learn to do evil,
For this he was moved to compassion.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Sixteenfold Compassion

Over 2500 years ago, Buddha saw the destructive effects of negative thinking and as a result he vividly described what he saw as the self-induced suffering of humankind in his immortal Sixteenfold Compassion:

My children,

The Enlightened One, because he saw Mankind drowning in the Great Sea of Birth, Death and Sorrow, and longed to save them,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw the men of the world straying in palse paths, and none to guide them,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw that they lay wallowing in the mire of the Five Lusts, in dissolute abandonment,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw them still fettered to their wealth and their possessions, knowing not how to cast them aside,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw them doing evil(deviation from the Law) with hand, heart, and tongue, and may times receiving the bitter fruits of sin (deviation from the Law), yet ever yielding to their desires,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Because he saw that they slaked the thirst of the Five Lusts as it were, with brackish water,
For this he was moved to compassion.
Becaused he saw that though they longed for happiness, they made for themselves no karma of happiness; and though they hated pain, yet willingly made for themselves a karma of pain: and though they coveted the joys of heaven, would not follow his commandments on earth,
For this he was moved to compassion.

(the insertion of "deviation from the law" is mine) Sin means to miss the mark - an archery term.

The balance to follow-keep watching and reading.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Order

Inherent in living in choice is understanding the world order and that includes the foundations of our sciences which underlie choices concerning our health, economy, ecology, financial aims, decisions of governments and the like.

Here are some theories to explore and decide for yourself the truth:
Darwins Theory of Evolution
The role of the centriole in the biological organization of humans
The true meaning of the Mayan Calendar and what it is showing us about evolution

Here is a great read: The Purposeful Universe - How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I chose the name Living In Choice for this blog, my newsletter and my business to remind, not only myself, but others that in the final analysis, choice is the only "right" we have.

We fight for our right to be free, to vote, to work, to educate, to have a quality of healthcare, a quality of life. We even say "I have the right" to speak up - to voice my opinion - even if that opinion is harmful to another - people do that all the time. We say we have the right to make any accusation whether it is founded in reality or not. The problem is we believe our own thoughts and think they are true and further, that everyone else should believe it as well.

Upon investigation it is easy to see that there is not one single "right" that cannot be taken away. There are people on this planet who do not have the right to vote, or to speak, or to have healthcare, or even a decent place to live, or clean water to drink, or food to eat, or clothes to wear. And I could go on to include the right to live - speaking of women in some countries - minorities in others, homosexuals in others, children in others.

That is the reason choice is so important. You can choose each moment, even to the moment of death, how you respond in that moment. You can choose to die in fear or in grace.

Where we have taken a mistaken road is when we make the choice not to choose.

We can choose whether we want offshore drilling or not. If we investigate the consequence of that action, taking into consideration the impact a spill has on the environment, and the the present situation, a gusher constantly pumping hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude into the environment every day - and now we are seeing the consequence we set ourselves up for - without asking the question - "Is our life support - the environment - the ecosystem - more important than money?" Obviously, none of or few of us gave that any serious thought and if you did perhaps you felt you didn't have any power to change it.

To fight something is to give it more power.

Choosing a direction of peaceful coexistence is another thing altogether - and that means with everything - including the planet that is our home, its rivers, lakes, oceans, air, soil and the surrounding stratosphere.

Choose what is really valuable to you - dig deep, look at all the options and choose.