Monday, November 7, 2011

What Now?

October 28th has come and gone and with it the culmination of the Mayan Prophetic Calendar which some say records the long history of the evolution of consciousness. But what does that have to do with us?, You might query. When examined through the lens of long spans of time coupled with the experience along the way, we begin to see patterns developing regarding human behaviors. From geographical movement to communication styles. We can see the effects of population growth (we just passed the 7 billionth human mark on the planet) and by looking at this long history, perhaps we can glean some clues concerning how to deal with the many crises facing humanity today.

Bernard Lietaer in The Future of Money explores four current "megatrend pistons" dramatically driving our futures.

The first of these is what he calls the "Age Wave." Lietaer sites advances in "hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle and medicine" resulting in people living longer. He says, "In the developed world, life expectancy has now risen to 80 years for women, and to 76 years for men. One remarkable consequence is that two out of three of all human beings who have ever reached the age of 65 are alive today." Interestingly enough prolonged life beyond 65 has presented a major financial issue. That issue is how are we going to provide for those who live beyond that age? Since, back in the day, pensions and retirement were based on age 65 since at that time very few people lived beyond that, so the system was not set up to include huge numbers of people needing to rely on retirement, Social Security, or other systems to assist them through the later years of life beyond 65. Estimates are that by 2030 one out of four people will be 65 or older. He says, "This unprecedented 'Age Wave' will transform the economics and politics of the world. One expert's opinion is that 'Global ageing will become not just the transcendent economic issue of the 21st century, but the transcendent political issue as well."

The second of these is "Information revolution." It is obvious that the incredible advancements in technology is at least in part responsible for loss of jobs. This means that workers who once unloaded products from a train car, truck or ship, now replaced by an electronically driven 'robot' now have to be retrained for another kind of job. The majority of jobs are now in the IT sector. Laborers are not the only workers who are being replaced. Bank tellers are being replaced by ATM's and the ease of taking care of banking business over the internet. Jobs once held by clerks in mercantile stores are no longer necessary because of internet purchasing. Wholesalers are being replaced, warehouses once needed to store product waiting to be shipped to local stores are in many cases no longer needed because consumers order, not from a local store, but from the internet so produce is shipped from the originating manufacturer.

Once you begin to think about the changes in how we shop, the ways in which we spend our money, it is mind blowing how many jobs and businesses we once took for granted are no longer needed. Home phones and pagers for example.

Which begs the question posed by Lietear, "How can we provide a living to additional billions of people when our technologies make jobless growth a clear possibility?"

The third of these is "Climate change and biodiversity extinction"

In Gregg Braden's newest book Deep Truth, the research he shares indicates that while humans are in part responsibile for the warming of the planet, earth warming and cooling cycles is the main cause of the climate changes we are currently experiencing. This changes the way scientists and environmentalists think about meeting the challenge of what we have no control over - the natural earth cycles of warming and cooling. How do we meet that challenge and how did those who came before us meet that challenge.

As a result of global warming/cooling we have seen an increase in natural disasters. Everyone remembers vividly the "Katrina" debacle. Since then we have had devastating earthquakes, tsunami's, hurricanes, droughts, and tornadoes. These natural disasters have cost us in untold monetary losses, lives, property, and health.

Lietaer quotes two Nobel Prize winning economists, James Tobin and John Harsanyi: "Global climate change is a 'real and pressing danger', carrying with it significant environmental, economic, social and geopolitical risks." Lietaer shares a number of facts regarding climate change, but this one jumped out at me: "The following public Warning to humanity was unanimously agreed by 1,600 scientist, including a majority of the living Nobel Prize winners in the sciences: "A great change in stewardship of the Earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated...If not checked, many of our current practices may so put at serious risk the future that we wish for human society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so alter the living world, that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know. Fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about."

He poses this question: "How can we resolve the conflict between short-term financial interests and long-term sustainability?"

The fourth of these is "Monetary Instability." We are all aware of this trend. Most of us are clueless regarding understanding money, how it is created, who is in charge of the monetary system, and how it is regulated or is it? Lietaer states that "Money is modern society's central information system, akin to the nervous system in our own bodies." This is no small statement and more than ever in any previous human history is it imperative that all of us understand this informational system called money.

The informational age has exploded on the 21st century rapidly changing how information (money included) is exchanged. Information is perhaps the only commodity that is infinitely reproducible. A book is made available on line and for a small fee it can be downloaded an infinite amount of times without the producer of the book losing ownership of the original. No other commodity has that capability. There is nothing exchanged except for permission to perform an electronic action to replicate the original. You may have noticed the subtle but important creation of "internet money" in the form of discounts given by sellers just by giving you a code which allows you to purchase some commodity at a discounted price or in some cases for free. This also crosses national boundaries and is available anywhere on the planet where internet access is available. The Net has brought together a world as community and as a result we instantaneously can know what is going on any where on the globe. This is changing how we see each other and how we see ourselves.

Lietaer's question is: "How can we prepare for the possibility of a monetary crisis?"

He posed this question in 2001 as he wrote The Future of Money. We have seen how the governments of the world have and are attempting to handle the reality of the current monetary crises. How well do you think the crises is being handled? Or have you just hidden your head in the sand thinking there is nothing y0u can do about it. Or that it is "their" fault and they should fix it. I hope that the information in this posting will guide you to see that what is going on on the planet affects us all and each of us can take some action toward a more sustainable world. That action may be to change your mind regarding your personal responsibility for creating the world around you.

Living in Choice means facing the reality of our own creations. Knowledge is power when used with wisdom. The other day I asked a client this question, "What are you willing to say no to, to have the life you want?" It rang loud and clear in my own mind.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Now?

-Bernard Lietaer, Founder of the EU Currency System

I have listened to several of his talks on youtube and have just ordered his book, The Future of Money. It is not available in the US, of course, so it has to be shipped from the UK. Used, it was almost $90.00 and new it is $189.00. WOW! It better be filled with great info. Having been involved in the World Monetary System he knows that their agenda is to keep the system operating as it always has. It is not interested in changing with the times. It is not interested in making the monetary system operate for the good of all, just for the good of the current Monetary System.

When I talk to people about what is going on in their lives, I most generally hear something like this, "I am not happy in my job and if I had the money to do something else I would." It seems that not having money or any way to get money other than to work for it is the challenge for most people. They have to work to pay the bills and there isn't any time left over to be creative. Work to pay bills and that is it. This trap that we have been participating in continuing obviously isn't working for anyone. We need to find a way out of that trap. I am pretty sure relying on the "powers that be" to find the way for us is not going to happen. Bailing out the banks and auto industry giants was an attempt to keep the monetary system status quo in tact.

When 70-80% of jobs are generated by small business - not giant corporations - the "old story" of feeding the rich so they can create jobs for the masses is a myth. As Leitear says, when corporations lay off 9000 people it is a big media deal, but when 100,000 small businesses go under, no one notices. When a WalMart Store goes in in a small town, how many small businesses go out? What happens to the diversity of products, services, and personal relationships with the businesses?

I will have more to say on this subject as I soak up more information. But, I am clear that Unity Consciousness is supporting a new kind of monetary system that benefits all - not just The System. Please be clear, I am not speaking against wealth, I am speaking for a monetary system that makes it possible for everyone on the planet to have all they need. Slavery generated by the monetary system is choking the life out of us all - the rich, the middle class, the poor and everyone in between.

I close with this quote from David Korten in The Post Corporate World, "In a debt-based money system bankruptcies and bank failures can be avoided only by continuous economic expansion. This is an important source of the money world's growth imperative. The system is designed to create winners and losers, with a bias in favor of the banks that make the money and against the working people and entrepreneurs who produce the real wealth. It is also a system designed to be unstable, because it must either grow or collapse."

"For most people, the resulting life-and-death struggle for a means of living creates a pervasive fear of scarcity that triggers a mass impulse, even among the very rich, to acquire and hoard beyond real need. The hoarding of money in turn increases the scarcity of money in circulation and further escalates the fear. It becomes a vicious cycle of escalating fear and scarcity." (p.35)

A final quote: "As a species, we face a fateful choice between the song of life and the song of money. Both promise life, but only one can deliver."

Living In Choice is a Choice - which will we (humanity) choose?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct. 28th

We are rapidly approaching October 28th, the final day of the last "day" of the 9th and final level of the Mayan Prophetic Calendar. According to some Mayanologists, this record of the evolvement of consciousness began 16.4 billion years ago with the first level, called the Cellular Level, because the first live cells came on the scene. Each of the 9 successive levels, each building on the other, were divided into 13 Kingdoms (Mayan) or 7 days and 6 nights. Each successive level was 20 times shorter than the previous level. The 13 Kingdoms of the first cycle were something like 1.26 billion years each. It obviously took a long time to create the solar system, the planets, the stars, the sun and moon, and every other vibrational mechanism for sustainable life to form. 820 million years ago, the second cycle, the Mammalian Cycle, began and in the 7th day of this cycle the first live births/the first mammals appeared on the global scene. Each day and night of this cycle was 63.4 million years in length.

So, here we are in the final days of (I am assuming, the driving Source's plan)the evolution of consciousness. The 13 days and nights of the 9th level are only 18 days each (we have come a long way). Consciousness has sped up the process of information processing. The evolution of consciousness has evolved us into a being with the ability to co-create. Humans have the inner technology to gather, process, and disseminate with conscious awareness what is going on around them. We are "getting it" that we do actually create our life experiences. (quantum physics, Abraham-Hicks, The Secret, Gregg Braden, Carolyn Myss, Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, ad infinitim). Our inner guidance system is our emotional system (thought, feeling, emotion). I developed a chart to show this process called the EMCS Living In Choice Levels of Responsibility Chart.

pastedGraphic.pdf pastedGraphic.pdf

This chart shows two worlds, the reactive world of survival and the pro-active world of conscious awareness.

If you go to my website www.garycone.com you can get the free download of the ebook I wrote explaining how this chart works along with a process of determining how well you are using your inner guidance system. It is called How to Manifest Your Dreams and includes the Living in Choice Science of Manifestation process.

As you can see from the above chart, what you believe is the driver for thoughts, feelings and emotion or energy in motion. By the time you get to sending out the energy of desire into the Universe, you have already imbued that energy with the information of belief, thought, feeling and then you have spoken the angry, resentful words, you have taken some kind of action as a result of that energy and then it shows up in your reality. Right? We are aware of this kind of co-creation, but not so aware of the creation of the good stuff. We think we were just lucky, at the right place at the right time, etc. but rarely to we recognize it was us who generated the good in our lives.

For example: You are frustrated at work because you have too much to do and too little time to get it all done. You know the job market is filled with many qualified job hunters, and that creates a fear that if you don't get everything done you will get fired. With your inner technology generating the vibration of fear and doubt all day at work, you go home and the kids haven't cleared their rooms and have trashed the living room, so you, like a volcano erupting, blow your built up fear and doubt about your job all over the kids. You yell and scream at them and then you feel bad because they got scared because they didn't understand your sudden angry outburst. They were just being kids, after all. Then chaos reigns in the household, Dad comes home and his day hasn't been any better, so his guidance system is trashed with anger and resentment because he was passed over for promotion, again. His highly fueled energy system meets the chaos in the house and more yelling ensues. Finally everyone is so exhausted from the emotional trauma escape seems a much better option. So, escape in television, the internet, a beer, food, or some other form of mind numbing activity seems a better bargain.

Does that sound familiar?

This process of handling life is a conditioned one and is driven by the Law of Survival. We get disappointed because "life" hasn't gone the way we want it to, we look for someone to blame, someone to project our disappointment onto, then we judge ourselves or the other, and want revenge for the disappointment. Our inner guidance system interprets this as "I am going to die" so survival becomes the automatic reaction - it is primary. This is the default system built into the system back in the Mammalian Cycle 820 million years ago. We needed it to get here.

Now, consciousness has guided the evolvement of our ability to "see" what is going on consciously, We have come to the thresh hold where we have the opportunity claim our power as a conscious co-creator. We do that through learning to use the inner guidance system to move us into the "vortex" (Abraham-Hicks) of our own connection to Source Energy. We know we are there when our internal guidance system signal lets us know we feel good. When we feel angry, hurt, disappointed, etc. our guidance system is letting us know we have moved away for alignment with source energy or the vortex. What we don't want lets us know what we do want, as Abraham-Hicks repeats again and again. Because we have been operating out of a domination system (Wink) for so long, many of us do not know there is any other "system" to operate from. It is time to learn!!

Living In Choice depends on it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The definition of cult

Listening to the news tonight, I heard this report: Texas evangelical leader Robert Jeffress, the Baptist megachurch pastor who introduced Rick Perry Friday at the Values Voter Summit, said that Mormonism is a "cult" and he does not believe Mitt Romney is a Christian. "That is a mainstream view, that Mormonism is a cult," Jeffress told reporters at the summit. "Every true, born again follower of Christ ought to embrace a Christian over a non-Christian."
As I said in my last newsletter, "ignorance is dangerous," and if one takes the time to look up the definition of the word "cult" one finds this definition from Chambers Dictionary of Etymology: "Cult n. 1617, worship or homage;later, system of religious worship (1679, in writings of William Penn); borrowed through French culte, learned borrowing from Latin, and directly from Latin cultus (genitive cultus) cultivation, care, attention, worship, from cult, stem of colere to till, cultivate, attend to; see COLONY."

According to this definition all religions are cults because they are a "system of religious worship."

According to Chambers, the definition of religion is : "Religion n. Probably before 1200 religiun a religious order, community of monks or nuns, in Anrene Riwle; borrowed from Old French religion religious community, learned borrowing from Latin, and borrowed directly from Latin religionem (nominative religio) respect for what is sacred, probably with the original meaning of care (for worship and traditions);..."

The origin of the word "Christ" is also interesting. Again from Chambers: "Christ n. Middle English and Old English Crist the anointed one, the Lord's Anointed, Jesus Christ. (about 830, in Vespasian Psalter, 675, according to the Peterborough Chronicle): borrowed from Latin Christus, from Greek Christos, noun use of christos annointed, from chrien anoint (see Chrism). The Greek is a translation of Hebrew mashiah annointed of the Lord), MESSIAH. This word and its derivatives and related forms such as chrism, were rarely spelled with ch in Middle English even after the 1400's. The spelling Christ did not become standard until after 1500. The more frequent name in Old English is Haelend healer, Savior:..." And Chambers finishes the etymology with, "Sometime in the late 1300's it became common to write the name Christ and words associated with it, such as Christian, with a capital letter, but the practice did not become fixed until the 1600's."

When the word Christ or Christian is associated with it's roots one discovers the designation indicated a behavior of a person or a group. That behavior was to heal, care for, and to teach truth.

It is important to look at the original origin of words, systems, and beliefs. To not do so is ignorance.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The 6th Night Sept. 23 to Oct. 10

It has been some time since I posted a new blog, but the mood has come back around again so my intention is to get back in the blog saddle and begin again.

When I take the time to really see what is going on in the world, it looks pretty dark and dismal. It is easy to see the "powers that be" spiraling out of control in a world that has gotten away from them. The powers can no longer control the masses as they once did. The old paradigm of domination is getting weaker and weaker. People sense this weakness and are discovering within themselves the desire, power, and motivation to take action toward change. However, it is valuable to see that change cannot come from within the system, or by fighting the system. Real change can only come from exposing the system for what it is. The only way to do that is through nonviolent action. Fighting the system, blaming the system, or condemning the system is only playing into the system, because the system will only scapegoat the complainer, and use its propaganda machine to discredit the revolutionary. Or, if the revolutionary succeeds through violence to achieve power, it will only become the System. The name has been changed, but the actions remain the same. Domination is the name of the game.

There is a greater power Source than the Domination system and it is the Natural and Cosmic Laws of the Universe. These powers created by the One Source of all things put them in place so that order, creation, love, harmony and life could become a reality. The current ruling science of materialism does not include those source energies, so they have been forgotten, lost, demonized, or left in the past as ancient myth. It is time to resurrect our myths so that we may have a frame work for building a world without domination.

To this end, I use the Mayan Prophetic Calendar and the Teachings of the Ancient Essenes as guide to life. The MPC keeps me abreast of the current Universal energies available for our use. I have blogged about this calendar in the past so won't go into the overall picture of it. We are currently living the 9th and final wave of the evolution of consciousness according to Carl Johan Calleman, one of the major Mayanologist of the day.

According to Calleman Sept. 23-Oct 10th, the 6th Night is called God Before Dawn and a time of resting and fine tuning unity consciousness. The 7th Day and final period is Oct. 11 through Oct. 28th and provides the highest expression of unity consciousness.

What is important about this time is that it signals the weakest point for the old consciousness of materialism and the reign of the "domination" system (Walter Wink, New Testament) and, therefore, opens the door to a "new world" devoid of domination. The domination system is characterized by tyranny, control, scapegoating, money/power as god, propagandizing to dominate, greed, false national pride, etc. It is easy to see that all systems are broken, medical, governmental, religious, educational, judicial and political. Consciousness, which is primary, is supporting a world of cooperation, unity, and and peace. But, whether or not we experience those conditions is up to each of us. We can't participate with unity consciousness if we are not awake to it, if we have not done the internal work necessary to wake from the hypnotic trance necessary for the System to exist. Jesus, the Essene, said, "Happy are you, that you hunger for the truth, for I will satisfy you with the bread of wisdom. Happy are you, that knock, for I will open to you the door of life." (The Essene Gospel of Peace Book I) In each of these statements there is the action that one need to take to benefit from what is already available.

Ignorance is dangerous and when the ignorant are running the show the show becomes dangerous. Look through the sham of the Dominating System in charge of what happens in Washington, so that you can see that the "powers that be" are not concerned with individual human quality of life, even though the propaganda machine, even the language of bills passed at the capitol are named to make one think otherwise. Even the names of organizations, like "homeland security" suggests protecting the people from harm, when the reality is much different. The "freedoms" we each have given up in the process of protection from "harm" is incredibly more harming to our freedom than any outside threat. The proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes, since the biggest ticket item in the budget is for the military. The truth is war never makes peace. This There is a need by the domination system to convince the people through fear that their lives are at stake. The propaganda machine, as Wink so clearly states, "Propaganda is not merely deception, then. It is the manufacture of idolatry. It is not enough that people be misinformed about the nature of the System, for powerful disconfirming truths could easily slip in to shatter such illusions. But if you can cause people to worship the Beast, you have created a public immune to truth. As studies of cognitive dissonance show, worshipers do not surrender their beliefs in the presence of disconfirming facts. They simply adjust their beliefs to neutralize the facts." (UNMASKING THE DOMINATION SYSTEM)

Perhaps, the most pressing step to take in order to see the Domination System for what it is; one must come to terms with the FACT that the System does not care about you or your welfare. More devastating than that may be the FACT that it only exists because you have bought into it, support it, and are complicit with it. Once you grow through the awfulness of that reality, then you find the truth and a new life.

Until then, everything you think, say, do IS the system.

The fundamental assumptions of the domination system according to Wink are:

1. The need to control society and prevent chaos requires some to dominate others.
2. Those who dominate may use other people as a means to achieve their goals.
3. Men are better equipped by nature to be dominant than women, and some races are naturally suited to dominate others.
4. A valued end justifies the use of any means.
5. Violence is redemptive, the only language enemies understand.
6. Ruling or managing is the most important of all social functions.
7. Therefore rulers and managers should be rewarded by extra privileges and greater wealth of all kinds.
8. Those who have the military strength, who control the most advanced technology, the greatest wealth, or the largest markets, are the ones who will and should survive.
9. Money is the most important value.
10. The possession of money is a sign and proof of political and social worth.
11. The production of material goods is more important than the production of healthy and normal people and of sound human relationships (or the former automatically produces the latter).
12. Property is sacred, and property ownership is an absolute right.
13. In an organization or nation, great size is proof of its power and value.
14. Institutions are more important than people.
15. There is no higher value or being or power than the state. If there is a God, God is the protector and patron of the state.
16. God, if there is one, is not revealed to all, but only the select individuals or nations and their rulers and priesthood.

If you agree with any of these statements, then you have bought the Domination System as God. This delusion, then, is what we fight for making the Nation "God" - a false image or idol. Couched in the language of "patriotism" it is unthinkable to question the acts of the Nation God even if the action is clearly self-serving. We make heros of our fallen soldiers, and treat those who return home alive, but broken, as used up material the Nation God no longer needs. Check out how many vets are in prison, homeless or have committed suicide. The numbers are staggering! Rather than holding the Nation God accountable, the propaganda machine scapegoats the vet - the way of the Domination System - people are expendable.

I know, this is hard to see, or even to want to see, because it calls into question every thing you hold sacred. We won't let go of this system easily. But, in the last analysis, to move past it, we must!

This story is not a new one. It may be as old as 10,000 years which makes it even harder to see because we don't have anything to compare it with. Jesus exposed the Domination System (Roman Rule)for what it was, but by the 2nd century C.E. his message was lost to another system having bought into the Domination System. It found its home in the Vatican. Violence, murder, genocide, ignorance, scapegoating, and propaganda became its modus operandi. It set the stage for the next 3000 years. Now, Nations, corporations, political parties, the powerful having learned how effectively this system works to get power and wealth, and to keep it. It is pervasive, insidious, and dangerous. Those are the characteristics of the Domination. To fight it with its own tools only feeds it. We must find ways to expose it for what it is rather than condemn it or blame it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 2010

I lost interest in blogging in October of last year. It just seemed to take too much time and I wasn't enjoying it. It is a bit like talking to ones-self with no response. Of late, however, I have had a few readers who stated they enjoyed reading the Living In Choice Blog, so here I am again.

I saw a bumper sticker today on my way to the post office that said, "The end in near - THANK GOD!" This is the way I feel about 2010 being over. For me it was filled with loss and grief in the midst of work, settling into a new house, sons divorce, a friend in need coming to live with us for awhile; our beloved Napoleon, the family pet, being very ill. He tried to take on our stress, I think. It almost got the best of him - and us.

What I learned from the experience of 6 months of living with aged parents transitioning into death and rebirth was just how challenging it is to Live in the moment in the face of such great personal loss. My Dad made his transition two years before - culminating in August of 2008. His process began in January of 2008. We watched his physical body deteriorate every day from a vibrant 92 year old, still working the in garden, driving the car, and playing canasta to inhabiting a physical body that was the shadow of itself, just skin and bone, and a heart that no longer pumped the blood through the system. There are so many emotional, life long, attachments - at least in my case to parents. They had always been there, supported, loved, cheered and oh yes, critized, expected, guilted, and all the rest. It had become a way of life and I knew with my father's death change had come to stay. My Mom lived on for almost two years following his death. She left this physical world in July of 2010 after having a stroke in Jan. Her physical body, like my Dad's, slowly deteriorated from lack of nutrition. Her stroke paralyzed her left side and the swallow reflex, so she could not take anything by mouth. She chose to have a feeding tube inserted in her stomach. After 5 and a half months, her body began rejecting the nutrition. He body was shutting down and the fluid just made her sick. We, my Sister and I chose to take her off the tube. We could not stand by and watch her suffer any longer. The nurse would prime the feeding tube and immediately the fluid would immediately be regirgated. Have you ever seen someone who did not have control over the swallow reflex vomit? Of course, the real threat is aspirating - taking the fluid into the lung causing pneumonia. We learned the choice to put the feeding tube in is much easier than taking it out. We were told we were starving her to death and that she would suffer horribly - we were told we were killing our Mom by medical health professionals. I can't relate to you how difficult it was to stay in the moment in the face of these accusations without reacting in some crazy way.

The reality was, she seemed so much happier and alert once we took her off everything - meds, fluids. She loved ice water and we kept it there for her to sip on, of course she could swallow very little of it but it seemed to satisfy her. All through the 6 months it was very difficult understand her speech, because of the damage from the stroke. She could not walk, write, move or move herself in any way. It was so painful to watch. We would take her around in a wheel chair, or to the sing-alongs in the recreation room, but her ability to interact was so limited. The light was gone from her eyes. She no longer had interest in T.V. or her beloved football games. Her radio was her life line and my Sister, who attended to her every need. I live 4 hours away and so could not be there every day as she was. My Sister's life revolved around working and going in the evening to check on our Mom and stay with her for awhile.

The process was very difficult to watch and still Live in Choice at the same time. Having a wonderful support system of family and friends made all the difference. Taking it a step at the time, breathing, meditation and prayer all helped.

This year holds the promise of new ideas, new projects, and new foundations to build upon. 2011 in numerology is a 4 year-a foundational number. Geometrically - the cube. The Mayan numbering system says the number four brings in stability. "The most stable of all forms is the cube. Four is the estabilhment of volume by definition. The four directions give orientation to any form as the height, length, depth and breadth give shape to any form. The energy of Four, sets the parameters which establish the freedoms and barriers needed to create a game, a work or relationship."

On March 8th, the 8th Level of the evolution of consciousness ends and on March 9th, the final wave of consciousness begins. Each of the 13 subwaves from seed to fruit will be 18 days each or 234 days for the total 9th level and the completion of the 16.4 billion march of consciousness to its culmination on Oct. 28, 2011. This level is called Unity Consciousness or Conscious Co-creation. This is a consciousness humankind has never before experienced. What to expect is unknown, nevertheless the previouse 8 levels provide us with knowledge of previous patterns throughout the previous 8 levels that provide us with some clues concerning what is to come.

So, stay tuned as I talk about each of the 13 waves of the 9th Level of the Evolution of Consciousness. It is humerous to think about the on-going debate between the creationists and the evolutionist because they are both correct. Interesting what we fight over.