Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Four Ways of Man - Rhondell

A very wise man by the name of Rhondell left us these important observations:

Four Ways of man
1. The Way of the Jungle - Survival of the fittest - killed everything that got in front of him and was about to interfere.
2. The Way of Justice - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - commit no more violence than necessary.
3. The Way of Love or Understanding - The other guy is doing the only thng he can do - I understand that he is doing the only thing he can do....I understand that he is doing what he feels is right, proper and/or justified, with whatever light that person has.
4. The Way of Consciousness or Intelligence - One could be aware of what the purpose was and will to do it - knowing What You Are...Where You Are...What is Going On Here...and What You Can Do. I am in charge of my own inner state.

It is easy to see the first two and occasionally we glimpse moments of number three. And on very rare occasions we see or experience number 4.

Since, for a very long time, the human purpose has been to get something or have something rather than DO something, the first two seemed to be more useful to that end. Look around - it is easy to see. Number three is useful when justifying a behavior to get something or have something. Statements like "I deserve", "worked hard for", "It is my right" come to mind.

Rhondell also suggested that since we are privileged, invited guests to this planet, it would seem appropriate, when one recognizes that one is an invited, privileged guest a certain behavior and attitude might be: to behave as a good guest. Which means to be considerate to the host, rather than behaving in lousy ways. Don't mistreat any of the other guests - after all they were invited too, by the host - who must have wanted them here. It would also be appropriate to be considerate of the estate to which you were invited. In this case the Earth. It would also be appropriate to make a contribution, not to the host because you were invited, but to the party. At least, you could be a pleasant and harmonious guest. And it would be appropriate to say Thank you! for the invitation. And last but not least, to do no harm to the best of your ability.

Give it a whirl. Come from the Way of Consciousness or Intelligence. See what it is like to come from a place of being in charge of your own inner state.

Living In Choice

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mechanical Mind

I presented a workshop this weekend entitled Relationship Strategies. It's core is founded in what Andrea and James Steward of the Inner Code School term, the Human Source Code, the mechanical mind and the six infant strategies for returning to the non-disturbed state. These strategies are powered by the Law of Survival and flight and fight is always the action. This is such a powerful, instinctual, reaction we often don't know we are reacting from this place. We just react - get defensive, attack, or run - shut down, leave etc. And most of us live our lives out of this deteriorating cycle.

The result - we get physically ill or we behave in self-sabotaging ways.

The 6 infant strategies are: The complainer, stander up for rights, pleaser, obeyor/believer, self-improver, and blamer. The sole intention is to return us to a non-disturbed state - which has become our purpose in life. Does this work to that end? Of course not! But, we keep "trying" to make it work. Maybe this time, I will get what I want. I say trying is lying - either you do or you don't. And what's more is the mechanical mind uses imagination to make up stories to justify "why" you are getting not what you want. It just fills in the blanks between what you imagine and the reality of getting what you want ---sooooo--you never get what you want.

This human story has driven our planet and our lives to the point of bifurcation. Either we see the insanity of that story and change it or.........

It has never worked in all of human history to create peace and it never will.

The infant story that has become our adult story certaintly is not Living In Choice