Sunday, May 30, 2010


Entropy, simply put, is a measure of the amount of randomness or chaos in a system. It was Ilya Prigogine, (Russian born Belgian theoretical Chemist) that noticed, while working in the area of Thermodynamics, that there were many things in the universe that did not follow the second law of thermodynamics which says in essence: eventually all things break down and wear out. And yet life itself, evolving over time and space demonstrates just the opposite. It was Prigogine who discovered the answer to this paradox: "that order arises not in spite of entropy, but because of it!" (Prigogine received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his contribution to nonequilibrium thermodynamics and in particular the theory of dissipative structures.)

It is obvious when considering Prigogine's conclusions, that the evolution of consciousness, (seemingly a system that demonstrates the opposite of the second law of thermodynamics), as it is expressing right now, [through its current expression of ethics (according to Calleman)] is demonstrating the process of dissipating current structures. Clearly, current breakdown or dissipation is underway in our economic, religious, political, healthcare, and educational systems.

Prigogine demonstrated through his research that this breakdown culminates in what he termed a "bifurcation" point- a place where the slightest nudge completely shuts down the system.

Bifurcation means to split or divide into two branches - and at that point humanity will have a decision to make - a moment of truth will be at hand. Prigogine's research indicates that at the bifurcation point the system either totally breaks down and ceases to exist as any kind of ordered system or it spontaneously reorders itself in an entirely new way.

I wonder if the current oil gushing into the gulf and the ultimate affect it will have on, not only the ecosystem of the planet, but also the economic system, will be our bifurcation point. Will it be the straw that broke the camels back. Will it lead us to the crossroads - a moment of truth - where we will have the opportunity to decide our futures.

The Mayan Calendrical System indicates humanity is now in the 6th night of the 8th Level of the evolution of consciousness in a 9 level system. Right now we are at the bottom of the 6th night just about to turn toward the 7th day which begins Nov. 3, 2010. July 17, the date of the Harmonic Convergence, will initiate energy that could very well begin the collapse of the current socio-economic system (Carl Calleman-
http://www.carlcalleman.com/ ).

If Prigogine's research is correct, consciousness is unmistakably evolving and humanity is approaching, not an end, but a beginning of a new world. It is an exciting time to be here - to have the opportunity to participate in a spontaneously reordering into a new system.

That is not to say there won't be disruptions that will be unpleasant and even disturbing for a time. It is imperative to remember that destruction precedes creation. If you take the time to really look around, taking off the mask of fear and conditioning - one can recognize all the seeming insanity is in reality a demonstration of the collapsing of unethical and outmoded structures.

If you have the vision to see through the fear, the hype of the media, the conditioning of survival, you may be able to see beyond the bifurcation point to the spontaneously newly ordered world that lies ahead.

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

This quote from the Dalai Lama, "The family is the most fundamental unit in society. If it is ruled by peace and human values, then not only will parents live happily and free of tension, but their children and grandchildren will too, and even generations after that." Daily Advice From the Heart

Take this time to enjoy family and friends - time to laugh and play together.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mayan Calendar

I am a student of the Mayan Calendar because it is the only unambiguous timeline left to us. There is no other document, artifact, or writing of any form that gives us a timeline of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. The Mayan system of calendars was designed to record the evolution of consciousness over a period of 16.4 billion years which the Maya divided into 9 consecutive levels of 13 time periods or kingdoms, each 20 times shorter than the previous cycle, each built upon the other. There is not just one calendar, as we think of calendars, but the Maya had many calendars utilized for tracking differents aspects of energy wave forms. The Tzolkin or day calendar, a 260 day calendar, coupled with the Tun calendar or galactic calendar - 360 days- were not physical calendars. In other words, they were not recording any relationship between two physical objects as our Gregorian Calendar does.

The Tzolkin, referred to as Harmonic Module, by Jose` Arguelles (The Mayan Factor) compares it to the IChing in that the Tzolkin "is a system for revealing information relating to a deeper or larger purpose." Mayan researchers are convinced the Tzolkin is synchronized with the "galactic code". This code seems to govern or generate information affecting the operations of the light cycle which defines resonant frequency ranges of radiant energy, says Arguelles. This includes electricity, heat, light, and radio waves that "inform the self-generative functions of all phenomena, organic or inorganic."

What does that mean for you?

To answer that question lets look at how the Maya used it. The Maya developed a "map" of this energy using 13 numbers and 20 "gods" or day names indicating an archetypal representation of the galactic energy available on any given day. An example of this is the deer, jaguar, or dog. When a Mayan child was born, it was given the day name for that day on the Tzolkin. They realized the energy of a particular day could be utilized to their benefit. In other words, harmonizing their energy/intention with the galactic energy prevalent each day enhanced their lives. This understanding of the cycles of energies emanating from the cosmos could be utilized for their personal empowerment was the basis of the structure of their daily lives.

They utilized this information to plan their daily activities. If the energy of a particular day was conducive to rest and reflection they utilized the day in that way. If the energy of a particular day supported taking care of one's property, then they utilized it in that way.

The Tun and Tzolkin Calendars made one complete revolution in 52 cycles or approximately 52 years. At the end of that cycle they understood that every possibility of creation for that period had occured and so they cancelled all debt, put out the fires in preparation for the next cycle.

It is evident from the information left to us that they were aware of much larger cycles of galactic waves of time and their effect upon life on this planet. How they knew that information did not come down to us - at least we have not discovered that information yet.

living in Choice, as I hope this little snippet of information about the Mayan way of life indicates, includes the necessity for an awareness of the universe and our place in it. It may seem that life is just a series of random events, but the reality is, as shown by the Maya, there is and has always been a cosmic plan and humanity is a part of that plan. According to the Maya the evolving plan is almost complete. Humanity has reached the final period of preparation for truly living in choice as co-creators.

Humanity is now at a crossroads of civilization. We can either move backward to the destruction of ourselves and the planet or we can go forward toward spiritual understanding and the greatest civilization we have ever seen on planet earth.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Humanity's conquest for life

One of my favorite authors, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, died in 1979 after a long life of lifting people all over the globe to a higher level of conscious awareness. His passion for living simply in harmony with natural and cosmic laws rewarded him with an abundant life, which he spent sharing his wisdom through teaching amidst the living example of his life. He wrote 80 books, he called them his "children", through which he shared the allsided truths left humanity by the extraordinary Essenes of the first century before the Common Era and the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. His "children" are available from I.B.S. Internacional, Box 849, Nelson, B.C. Canada V1L 6A5. Dr. Szekely's widow, Norma or Swallow, as she refers to herself, continues to follow the simple but extraordinary way of the Essenes and is the conservator of Dr. Szekely's books. She lives without the computer, the telephone, or other techno gagets. She writes letters with pen and paper as humanity has been doing for thousands of years. She lives quietly and beautifully in her chosen part of the world.

Dr. Szekely wrote the following in his posthumously (1994) published book, Toward the Conquest of the Inner Cosmos, " The greatest question at present is whether humanity has in truth reached a stage in its evolution at which its spirituality can crystallize into action. Or will this spirituality, as it develops into action and meets with matter, do as always in the past and retreat into matter and come to terms with it? In the light of historical perspective, the most probable solution is that now as heretofore there will be compromise: a step, large or small, will be taken toward the liberation of the spiritual."

As consciousness evolves and with it our own conscious awareness of the unity of all things, how do we resolve the worldview of duality - the separation of matter and the spiritual?

"Ah! Therein lies the rub" as Shakespeare said.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ashem Vohu

The first encyclopedia of human kind, the Zend Avesta of Zarathustra, predates ancient Egypt, China or India. And the Zend Avesta is itself, a recounting of previous ancient traditions. The early heliolithic teachings were pictures or pictographs - physiograms and ideograms often representing a greater intensity of their reality than can be found in expressions of todays reality through the written word. Zarathustra used pictographs to explain what words could not - the Creation of the Universe. He used the word "ASHA" which means "the cosmic order" as a representation of the creation of the Universe and all of its component parts. We are talking 8 to 10 thousand years ago. Amazing.

The ancient Sumerians, followers of Zarathustra, used this greeting, "Ashem Vohu" when meeting each other. Ashem Vohu means "the Cosmic Order is the best of all things."

They understood that with this greeting they were reinforcing their belief with each other that the universe is not a capricious universe, rather it is a universe where everything is in balance, harmony, and that to the extent that each of them/us cooperate with it only strengthens the balance and harmony. In other words, humanity/us are an intrinsic part of Asha - the Cosmic Order.

For today, ask yourself if you are in harmony with Asha? Are your thoughts, feelings, and actions filled with peace and harmony? And if not take a moment to STOP! And breathe to find within yourself a moment of peace and harmony. Check in with your body and see what it going on in there.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hypnotic trance

The Law of Survival, the most powerful law governing humankind, is the driving force of the pain/pleasure principle with which humanity is hypnotised. Whether that is hypnotised with tweeting, or blogging, or what brand of clothes to buy- we seem to be waiting for the next installment. Now is missed with the obsession for the next thing. Here are some quotes that express this same idea:

P.D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous, "In the ordinary waking state...man does not see the real world...He lives in hypnotic sleep..."To awaken" for man means to be "dehypnotized."

Sanai of Afghanistan, 1130 CE, Humanity is asleep, concerned only with what is useless, living in a wrong world."

Hubert Benoit, Zen scholar, "Our conscious thinking has all the characteristics of a dream....The representation that it gives us of the world is illusory.

A Course in Miracles, "Everything you see is the result of your thoughts. There is no exception to this fact."

Monday, May 17, 2010

The beginning

My inspiration to blog came from my desire to find a way to have an avenue to connect with people who are working to build a foundation for a world order based not in materialism, but in an all sided perspective of living that includes life. It is easy to see, if one takes the time to stop and look, that the current prevailing paradigm does not support a quality of living, but is actually destroying it. Materialism has become a substitute for "life", which means that if you don't have money you don't have life - at least any quality of living. We are all conditioned to make money so we can purchase all the things that have become the symbol of "life", there is precious time left for being present to relationships. This must stop! And the only way it will is if each of us chooses a different path.

My desire is that this blog will open a dialogue leading to creative ways for living simply. The allsided truth is that living materialistically has never provided quality of life for everyone in the 5000 years + that humanity has been focused in that way. I don't think we can get there in a moment, in just one decision, but rather with many decisions intentioned to move in a direction of optimal living.

What choices are you making right now to live optimally?

There is an ancient Principle espoused by the Essenes of the 1st and 2nd century C.E. called the Principle of Optimum that says, "The best form of all human activities is that form which secures the best results with the minimum sacrifice and the least expenditure of time, labor and money."

The Principle of Optimum leads to its companion principle of every-sidedness because the principle of optimum has its greatest value when it is applied universally to everything.

This means the optimal form of the state of humanity is health and longevity. It also means that every thing in life has an optimal form - optimal diet, exercise, breath, and so forth. We can start on this new path by just noticing the things around us and make them better up to their optimal form. Is your room cleaned optimally, or your bathroom, or the refrigerator? How about your car or is your closet organized optimally? Those are great places to start. As you make those choices notice how it feels inside as you bring those aspects of everyday living up to their optimal state.

I am suggesting you do those things with a sense of enthusiam and excitement and as you go through the activity take the opportunity to be present in your body - fully aware of your breath, your heart beat, the flow of blood through your veins, how it feels to be in conscious contact with your surroundings - wherever you happen to be in the moment.

Are you able to build from within a feeling of gratitude and joy as you notice how good it feels to have an organized dresser drawer or closet or how great the bathroom smells after you have cleaned it. Or you have taken time to wake up early to make coffee for yourself and as it is brewing notice it fragrance and as you pour yourself a cup you walk out on the patio, the balcony or in the backyard where you can hear the singing of the birds, or the smell of the wet grass, or the laughter of a nearby neighbor carried to you on the wind.

This personal experience is for me an example of living: I was sitting on my patio today enjoying the warmth of the sun, the brilliant red of the roses in bloom in the nearby flowerbed, there were robins in a nearby tree singing, the air was fresh and crisp following the rains of yesterday. Those were the facts that were present around me. I loved just being with each of those senses as I brought them into my awareness fully experiencing them.

Now, that was living and it cost me nothing to be present to it. In fact, I gained a sense of peace and joy! I felt safe and connected to a greater source of energy that filled me up - that calmed my spirit and inspired me to hum a random tune. I was happy.

Contrarily, When I get caught up in the mundane - "what if-ing" - my experience of life deteriorates into worry, fear and inadequacy. My thoughts go to how can I make this better -trying figure it out. Thoughts like, "Maybe if I work harder and longer" float up. But, that is the merry-go-round - the hypnotic trance between pain and pleasure - that seems never to end. The result deterioration of mood, health and relationship with myself and others.

That says something about our choices or that we feel we have no choice. It isn't a foundation - a world view - that lends itself to living in wonderful, creative ways. It is about making money, the bottom line, buy more, build more. We have been good at that - and technology - that keeps us distracted from what is alive around us. Even this blog could become a distraction from life - from spending time with those I love and who love me, if I let it.

I hear those around me complaining about healthcare, politicians, financial institutions, religions who should be doing this or that to make our lives better, but it is obvious to me that relying on others - governments, politicians, religions, educators, corporations, to do it for us will never happen.

So, lets start an individual movement - a collective committment to finding ways to live that includes all the states of being that are missing now - joy, happiness, integrity, congruence, peace, love . . .

To get some new ideas about what you can do check out these websites from some of the people who have inspired me to think in new ways:

Barbara Marx Hubbard http://www.humanityascending.com/, Colin Tipping, http://www.radicalforgiveness.com/ ; Ervin Laszlo, http://www.ervinlaszlo.com/ ; Andrea and James Steward, http://www.humansourcecode.com/