Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Beginnings 2012

The long awaited year of 2012 is here, finally. Let me start by saying if you haven't seen the youtube video 2012 The Year of Power, please take time to view it. It is so great. You can check it out at the top of this page. We have started out this year with Sun Spot activity creating a display of Aurora Borealis light show in some northern states, Canada, and Alaska. Is this an indication of the fire works that are to follow throughout the year? It is also interesting that 2012 is a Presidential election year. I don't know about you, but it is really easy to listen to the candidates and hear the "bullshit" meter go off. It is easy to see who is sincerely interested in serving the country and who is in it for their own agendas. Have you seen anyone of them interested in the job to be of service to the country and its best interests? It seems to me the most honest is Ron Paul. Not that I am endorsing anyone, I am not!

So, what does The Year of Power mean? This is my take: It is a time to hold oneself accountable for what you are creating. We have learned over the last 12 years or so that we cannot count on the "Systems" in place to have our best interests at heart. Right! So, given that, we must now- each of us- decide what we want to create both in our inner world and our outer world. We must take stock of what we value in every area of our lives and give our energy to supporting, nurturing, and fostering the expansion of each of those areas. It may be as simple as deciding to change the way you eat, or the way you spend your dollars. But, it may also be as important as how you spend your work hours and where. Simplifying your life by down-sizing your home or moving from the city into rural areas where you can grown your own food, raise your own beef, etc. or go vegetarian. There are as many ways to find your own power and operate from it as there are ideas and people. That is the excitement and the fun of it.

If you stop counting on the government to provide you with healthcare, retirement, regulation of this and that, then you can decide for yourself all those choices. And as you stop relying on the government to look out for you, then you get to create a life of your own choosing. It puts you in the drivers seat and cuts down on the stress that comes from wondering if you will have social security or medicare when you get to that age. It may also make a difference in how you spend your money and what you are willing to pay for things like health care. Healthcare in these United States is ranked about 12th after countries like Canada, U.K., Switzerland, Germany, etc. So, the hype that we have the best healthcare in the world is just propaganda.

Is that important? It is if your expectation is otherwise. We must also come to the realization that our medical, educational, financial, and legal systems are all broken. Accepting that rather than wanting them to be different or blaming them for not being what we thought they should be frees us up to change our focus and put it on what we want instead of what we don't want. If we stop feeding the systems by participating in them they will die of lack of use. We do have a choice in all this, but to exercise the choice we must accept the "what is as is."

Living in Choice can only happen when you accept the facts of where you are and take action from that place. Spending time complaining about it or blaming others for your lot is a waste of time and energy and only causes pain and suffering.

Take a long hard look at where you are and discover the facts so you can begin to make real changes in your life for the better. That will be the power of 2012.

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